dimanche 22 mai 2016

Hacking the ASMC light hammock

english version of the previous post

How to optimize the light hammock from ASMC.
This polyester hammock is not perfect but it's cheap not too heavy and 1.50m wide (5').

Here is a way to make it lighter and to create a quick and dirty Fast Deployment Bag.

Material needed :
a light hammock from ASMC, some dyneema braid 4mm (or 3mm, 1/8'' or more), a knife (a small one is fine), some polyester sewing thread and a needle, a copper or anything wire
a felt pen, some flat light shock cord (a couple inches - not illustrated)

initial weight is 468g - about 16.5 oz
each carabiner weights more than 2oz so we get rid of them
now the weight is 12.45oz
now we unpick the bag
with the help of the knife when needed but without damaging the fabric
it's not extremely well stitched so it goes away quite easily going slow.
minus 0.5oz.

current weight : 11.9oz.
End loops will be replaced by dyneema loops.
it's just about untying the lark's head knot
and slip the loop.

minus 0.67oz.
The metal wire to make the loops...
we get the flattened loop length
three times and a half
twice (one for each loop) we cut this length and split it again in two to have enough for each loop.

marking the cords middle
and flattened loop length
opening one of the dyneema string by the middle
the copper wire is pushed to the length mark
we get the opposite side
to the middle through the dyneema braid
temporarily locked with any string lying around
same operation on the other side
to the length mark ...
opposite strand
all through to the middle
tapering the strands

the knife does the job
done - repeat on the other side
massaging the rope to make things clean
almost done
the loop when not under tension may slip so we sew roughly with the polyester thread.
only 0.31oz to add
with the copper wire through the hammock channel
we pass any rope then to get the loop
holding it on one side so it doesn't go all the way through
we can remove the gross string
lark's head knot
done, repeat on the opposite side.

No bag needed:
it holds by itself

Now let's add some weight if we want with a Fast Deploy Bag.
closing string and plastic thing are useless, we'll win 0.14oz
instead we use some light flat shock webbing
the size of a finger when not stretched
about the size of the palm when stretched
now the bag is only 0.38oz
we put the bag inside out to unstitch an inch and a half at the corner.
enough to pass a finger. It's better to stitch a bit to stop the original stitching and to fix the fabric where it was unstitched.
We slip through one of the loop
turn the bag inside in

back to 11.99 oz
here it is finished (here there's an optional dyneema soft carabiner joining the two loops)

to hang simple solid webbing with a loop on a water knot
round the tree
inside the loop and done
with the hammock still in its bag we make a becket hitch
inside from below
and over the loop in the bight
if we've got too much length this works on a bight too (so we don't have to pass the whole webbing through the hammock loop), so bight inside the loop from below

and over the loop and under the webbing
we just have to pull the free loop
and pull
and pull
all the length
hanging to the other side
becket hitch on a bight
usual drill to open the knot
it's just about stuffing the hammock in the bag starting by the hammock bag end (the one that is still hanging)
and stuff...

and Voilà, the hammock is ready to be quickly deployed again, it can hang there.

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